Gelato Ice Cream Cart Rental

The perfect solution for large events

The perfect solution for large events

We have many options when it comes to catering solutions.  We can either bring our full blown mobile gelato ice cream cart or bring our smaller satellite units.  If you have a unique situation, then we can bring a combination of the two if necessary.

For example, during an event for CBRE, we served Gelato to 17 floors of employees in less than 2 hours.  This called for a mobile Gelato cart and 2 satellite Gelato bar units.

Having options give us the ability to work very small ice cream socials to extremely large corporate events of 12000+ people.  If line management and serving speed is a concern, then go with our mobile ice cream cart rental option.  We provide the caterers and gelato!

If you would like to use our ice cream cart as a promotional tool,we can do that too.  We have wrapped our mobile Gelato cart with other companies’ logos and more.  See the pictures below.

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  • Cart with Mobile Cases

    Outdoor setup with our Gelato Cart and 2 satellite units.

  • Carts Can Be Branded

    POPSUGAR and Marc Jacobs with our wrapped ice cream cart.

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How to Hire Our Gelato Bar

1) Choose the Flavors

Reserve a tasting or let us help you choose the right flavors for your event.

2) Book Your Date

Available dates fill up fast. So book early to put a hold on your date.

3) Enjoy the Show

We take care of everything else. Just sit back and relax.