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Since opening in 2014, we have hit the ground running.  See what people have been saying about our gelato catering services.  We included links so you can see the expanded testimonials in all of its glory!

We booked Pop Up Gelato to come to our office for an event (roughly 60 people), and it was a great experience!John Y from Orbit Baby
I wish I had my own Pop Up Gelato stand next to me at all times, as this gelato was one of the best gelato I’ve ever had! The guys were super nice, humoring me as I tried all 3 flavors at once. Mina K’s Yelp Review
Pop Up Gelato proved, once again, that creamy decadence can be served virtually anywhere. John M. from Yelp’s Tee Party at Peacock Gap
We had Pop Up Gelato at our event yesterday, and they did an AMAZING job. It wasn’t the perfect weather for gelato, but people were braving the slight chill and partaking of the strawberry sorbetto, coppa mista, chocolate, and vanilla, so much so that the Pop-Up gelato worked non-stop for 3 hrs! Their gelato is absolutely delicious! Totally recommend them!JoAnne Y from University of California | Office of the President
I had Pop Up Gelato at a Yelp event a couple of weeks ago (The Tee Party) and I cannot say enough how nice the guys were that helped us! They had six flavors to chose from and it was a hard, hard decision. Heather L’s Yelp Review
Thanks for the sweets! Your gelato is amazing! Can’t wait till we have another event catered by pop up gelato!Jennie T from NEMA Apartments

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