Tenant Appreciation

Happy Tenants are Long Term Tenants

Tenant Events That Rock

Cardinal rule for all successful landlords: KEEP QUALITY TENANTS.

Everyone in this business knows that. Vacant properties, leasing disputes, and destructive tenants are costly. So any way you can foster goodwill with your quality tenants is time and money well spent.

At Pop Up Gelato, we’ve mastered the tenant appreciation event. And we want to share that experience with you. We have:

  • Worked with building properties that have housed 26 different companies across 55 floors,
  • Worked with apartment complex events with 1000+ units,
  • Thrown high-end luxury apartment grand openings,
  • Funneled the tenants of 3 separate buildings into a shared common plaza for one massive ice cream social.

So we really mean it when we say, we have experience throwing successful tenant events in all sizes.

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Commercial Real Estate Companies We Work With

  • Harvest Properties Tenant Appreciation

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For All Building Sizes & Serving Amounts

We can handle all sizes of tenant events – from smaller 100-unit apartments to large multi-tenant high-rise buildings.

We have catered events with 12,000 servings before. So we have the experience to accommodate almost any request while ensuring short wait time.

It’s All About The Experience

Experience is super important to us. We’re really FAST, but we don’t skimp on service and experience.

If you’re going to wait in line, we’re not just going to hand you an ice cream bar and toss you to the side.  We’re going to give you a slow full-service gelato shop experience, FAST.

Make A Lasting Impression

Tenant appreciation events are perfect opportunities for tenants to get together and remind them why choosing to stay in your building / apartment complex is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

Seriously, you don’t have to throw Cirque du Soleil galas, it’s expensive and unnecessary. Just throw a massive ice cream social and call it a day.

Options Galore

We have different catering options based on how long you will need our service or whether it’s indoors/outdoors.  Do you want us by the pool?  How about the rooftop?

To be honest, the hardest part will be figuring out which flavors to choose from.


How to Hire Our Gelato Bar

1) Choose the Flavors

Reserve a tasting or let us help you choose the right flavors for your event.

2) Book Your Date

Available dates fill up fast. So book early to put a hold on your date.

3) Enjoy the Show

We take care of everything else. Just sit back and relax.