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Impress Your Coworkers With A Gelato Social

A Gelato Bar For Companies of All Sizes

Welcome to Pop Up Gelato, a dessert company born to melt away workplace stress. And we serve, well you guessed it… Gelato – Italy’s decadent ice cream.

If you’ve never heard of us, that’s totally okay because most people haven’t. However, you can check out our reviews here or on Yelp right here.

We’ve been doing ice cream socials, staff appreciation events, and company picnics since January 2014. Yes, we’re that new! However, we’re very experienced.  In fact, you probably recognize some of our clients:

At TheRealReal, we’re their company’s secret weapon. When important projects are looming and stress is in abundance at their upbeat luxury consignment startup, nothing cuts through the tension better than a impromptu gelato bar.

It’s proven that happy employees are simply more productive. And how can your employees not be happy after being served ice cream?

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For All Company Sizes

We have different catering options based on how large your company is, how long you need our service, and whether if the event is indoors or outdoors.

We have served gelato to companies with 12,000 employees to companies that only have 30 employees.  With 12 professional gelato artisans on staff, we can accommodate any request.

Photo: Gelato Social @ Yammer

No Headache Process

Special corporate events begin long before the day actually arrives. It begins with careful planning, tons of back-and-forth coordination, and an expert team of producers.

Luckily, when you book with us, we do all of the work. You just need to choose flavors and tell us where to setup. Warning: Choosing flavors is stupidly difficult.  There are so many great options.

Photo: Private event for Solar City

Your Staff Will Love You

At Pop Up Gelato, we want to make you look good. We come to every event an hour early, set up like quiet little ninjas, and ensure that every detail is on point before serving time.

For us, it’s all about the experience. We want to make sure that all of your employees feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Photo: Hanging out with Box


How to Hire Our Gelato Bar

1) Choose the Flavors

Reserve a tasting or let us help you choose the right flavors for your event.

2) Book Your Date

Available dates fill up fast. So book early to put a hold on your date.

3) Enjoy the Show

We take care of everything else. Just sit back and relax.