Top 6 Gelato Shops to Try in Italy

6 Gelato Shops to Try in Italy - Pop Up Gelato

With Italy being the birthplace of gelato, it only seems appropriate to take you on an all-access tour of the best gelaterias in Italy. So pull up your bootstraps and get your passports ready, because we’re going international baby!
Let’s see them.

Top Four Gelato-Loving Fashion Bloggers

Top bloggers in love with Gelato

Fashion bloggers spot out sophistication, style, and cutting-edge trends long before they reach the masses. This not only applies to fashion, beauty, and décor, but to food trends as well. So it’s no surprise that your favorite fashion blogger is more than likely already allover the ever so popular gelato dessert trend!
Meet these gelato-loving, fashion femme fatales now.

5 Perfect Events For a Gelato Bar

Perfect Gelato Bar Events – Pop Up Gelato

There are a million and one reasons to eat gelato but for the sake of brevity, here are our TOP RECOMMENDATIONS for 5 perfect events for a gelato bar.

Kids Against Hunger Bay Area – A Birthday Request

Kids Against Hunger - Pop Up Gelato

What did you do when you turned 40? We worked an event celebrating a 40th birthday in the month of August. Instead of throwing a party, the celebrant opted to pack meals for the underprivileged. Guess how many they packed?

Orbit Baby – Our Shire

Corporate Catering Pop Up Gelato

We will never forget Orbit Baby. All epic adventures have a a beginning. Frodo had The Shire. Pop Up Gelato had Orbit Baby. Okay, that was a terrible analogy, but you know what we mean.

NEMA Apartments

We had the opportunity to cater an event for Cresecent Heights’ brand new NEMA Apartments in the heart of San Francisco. This was a grand opening party celebrating NEMA’s new North Tower.