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This is an old post we published almost 2 years ago. We’re bringing it up again because we just heard some news regarding a company we care deeply about. It’s old news to some, but new to us. It’s been adapted to reflect the new info.

We will never forget Orbit Baby.

All epic adventures have a beginning.  Frodo had The Shire. Pop Up Gelato had Orbit Baby. Okay, that was a terrible analogy, but you know what we mean.

Orbit Baby was Pop Up Gelato’s first official gig as a company in January of 2014.  So you know this awesome company has a special place in our heart.

Gelato Catering at Orbit Baby
Orbit Baby designed car seats and strollers that address safety, ease-of-use, ergonomics, and style.  We’ve all seen them before.

  • Kim K.

  • Jessica Alba

So it’s finally nice to place a product with the beautiful people that actually make them.

Pop Up Gelato Office Catering

Orbit Baby was a world-class company with amazing employees.  We believed in their mission to disrupt their space and are privileged to have had them as a customer.

Pop Up Gelato Bar - Bay Area

It’s amazing how many great and innovative companies come out of the Bay Area.

Orbit Baby, you will be missed.

[2017 UPDATE: In late 2016, Orbit Baby sold various brand assets, including intellectual property and tooling, of Orbit Baby to Safian Company, Ltd., their longtime South Korean distributor. Here’s there statement.]

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