5 Perfect Events For a Gelato Bar

Perfect Gelato Bar Events – Pop Up Gelato

We can’t think of anything better than a full-service pop up gelato bar to help you celebrate, enjoy, and relish in any type of occasion.

There are probably a million and one reasons to eat gelato but for the sake of brevity, here are our TOP RECOMMENDATIONS for 5 perfect events for a pop up gelato bar.


When it comes to weddings, words like elegance, decadence, and style all come to mind. These trigger words are exactly why a gelato stand is the perfect marriage for a wedding reception.

Delicious gelato, beautifully presented, and elegantly served to you and your guests, is a fun treat that’s both whimsical and upscale all at once.


We have all been there – working through lunches, lunch meetings, and skipped lunches.

Don’t let bad lunches happen to good offices.

Treat your staff to a wonderful Gelato social to accompany a corporate lunch event. Our mobile units allow for quick and easy set up – perfect for tight lunch windows.


Keep morale up by hosting a gelato party for your staff. By treating your staff to an upgraded version of the traditional ice cream social, they’ll know that you appreciate their work.

We’re also guessing the light sugar high will increase productivity – it’s a win-win!


Throw the birthday party that makes all the other parties cry from jealousy.

Gelato catering is unique, fun, and an instant crowd-pleaser. The birthday boy or girl will feel like the most special person in the world, while guests will relish in the delicious treat.


An outdoor company picnic simply begs for something cool and delicious.

Since gelato tends to have much less butterfat than ice cream, it’s a healthier alternative that doesn’t lack in taste. Your staff will happily indulge in gelato goodness in between sack races and relay games (minus the guilt)!

And there you have it, 5 events that will make you the coolest person in the room when people find out you’re responsible for the full-service gelato bar.

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